Welcome to Sugopetite


My name is Susan Gomez and that’s where SUGO is inspired from. PETITE comes from my height.  I’m 5 feet tall but, with a high desire to design dresses for petite women to inspire them thrive in style and in life.

My love for fashion started at a very early age when my dad used to make me the most beautiful dresses for every special occasion. My dad was a couturier and his dresses always made me feel so special, beautiful and unique. Unfortunately, my dad left us way too soon to go to heaven.

Following his passion that turned into mine, I decided to become a fashion designer, graduating from college in 2006 in Guatemala City where I am from.

SUGOPETITE is for the smart, confident but kind woman, that knows what she wants and she never gives up to achieve her goals.

She’s a happy gal that wants to spread positivity wherever she goes and wants to inspire others around her.

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